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To speed up the process of the repairs to your car, we offer a fastrack service. If you are able to submit pictures via email, then we will be able to complete an estimate for your insurance company and order any parts that may be required.

Please supply images as shown below and email your pictures to info@dkautos.co.uk

45 degree image of rear of vehicle, this captures make, model and registration number.

Then a general image of the damage from a distance.

A closer image at panel level, this helps to reduce the chance of reflection and can show damage easier.

Please take as many images to show all damage that you are aware of and claiming for. 

Even damage on the inside of doors, boot floors and under bonnets etc.

Please also include the following information

  • Claim ID number
  • Chassis/Vin number (found in log book)
  • Vehicle model (e.g LS, LX, GLS etc)
  • Automatic or manual transmission
  • Engine cc
  • Petrol or Diesel
  • Saloon, Hatchback or Estate
  • Approximate mileage
  • Registration number (if not clear on image)

The clearer the images the better chance we have of getting the right parts and having your vehicle for less time.

We thank you in anticipation.